While George Lucas is rolling in the dough as a result of his Star Wars films, frequently Lucas is credited as a madman for how he has handled the original films over the years. Regardless, I think the guy is sort of a mad genius. He really is doing something that few artists (or entertainers, whatever you want to call him) have ever done before. George Lucas is constantly revising his masterpiece. He never considers his masterpiece to be complete, thus he feels he must continue altering it to greater improve the final outcome. While yes, I do agree that a good amount of the alterations don't work (some of them really don’t work), it really makes George Lucas a very fascinating and original figure in the world of film.

When I think of George Lucas altering his films, I can't help but think what it would be like if other creative masterminds went back and altered their work like Lucas did....

Orson Welles releases Citizen Kane - Special Edition in which "Rosebud" is replaced with a Razor Scooter to "make the film age better."

Homer releases The Odyssey - Special Edition with an new extended dance scene in Polyphemus the Cyclops’s lair.

Charles Dickens releases Great Expectations – Special Edition. This time Miss Havisham lets out a cheesy scream as she falls into the fire.

J.D Salinger releases A Perfect Day for Bananafish – Special Edition in which he unexplainably adds Holden Caulfield into the story…since he became such a popular character in his next work.

William Shakespeare releases Romeo & Juliet – Special Edition….....Tybalt stabs first!!!