I am writing this sitting at work in a big skyscraper. Yesterday we remarked about what we'd do today should we have looked out the window and seen a plane heading straight for us.

Today we observed a two minute silence at 1:46pm, where I sat trying to imagine the terror of being on a plane as it swooped down over Manhattan, of catching a glimpse of the Twin Towers out the window in the final seconds.

But nothing has changed. Except, Microsoft Flight Simulator which no longer has a WTC helipad for you to land on. I know, I flew there on purpose in the game to see what they put in the big empty space. It's a grey patch.

Oh, and vacations. I'm planning a vacation, but nobody wants to go on vacation on September 11th.

Every day Tony Blair drags this unwilling country closer and closer to a war with Iraq that should have been finished over a decade ago. Every day George Dubya Bush delightedly makes the most of a fact to thank his defense contractor campaign sponsors with the upcoming war while simultaneously keeping his industry sponsors happy by ignoring the environment summits.

We're going to end up destroying this ball of rock we call home since we can't share it.

I saw the film 'Meteor' with Sean Connery the other day. Quite disturbing, the WTC got smashed by falling rocks, and there is a long shot of Manhattan Island cloaked in smoke.

And an episode of Thunderbirds, where the Empire State Building collapses into a huge pile of rubble.

Isn't it amazing how we've all but forgotten about the people being held in Guantanamo Bay? The media really is controlling this in an Orwellian fashion. For all we know, they're already sending troopers into Iraq.

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