Further to Nero's post, Gander, Newfoundland is also famous as being probably the eastern-most major airport in North America - back in the bad old days of Transatlantic flights, planes crossing over to Europe would land there to refuel before either continuing across the ocean or their journey into the North American continent.

The airport is still used for these purposes today (especially in the late 80's and early 90's when some budget carriers operated older widebodies that didn't quite have the range to do a non-stop transatlantic flight), I have landed there at least once, I was quite young and aboard a Air Transat Lockheed Tristar and we landed there, and then Mirabel, before finally getting home to Toronto. It was a very hot day in Newfie-land that day, and people clustered around the open doors of the plane looking out at the desolation surrounding us, waiting for... whatever we were waiting for, might have been connecting passengers or fuel or something. The joys of charter airlines.

The airport is surprisingly large given its surroundings, although the number of passengers that alight or board here must be very limited. The airport in its old capacity could be seen in a film, whose title escapes me, about a man convinced the plane he is travelling on will suffer a structural fault and break apart mid-air.

Those of you with Microsoft Flight Simulator are welcome to try flying Transatlantic in the Cessna Caravan from Gander, if you've got a good 10-odd hours to waste.