also known as Chippy Lane, real name Caroline St.

Infamous back street in Cardiff as it is home to several chip shops, fish bars, and kebab shops, and it also right in the centre of town near all the nightclubs and St Mary's St..

A good majority of nights out in Cardiff will involve a visit to Chippie Alley; most often at the end of the night at around 3am where the street becomes filled with drunken slappers, tarts, lads, boyos, townies, and the odd lost moshers. There will be several people urinating in doorways, and inevitably some idiot in their car will become lost and try to force their way down the street. Parked cars will be covered in urine, cole slaw, empty kebab boxes and chips. This will also be present in large quantities on the surface of the street itself, resulting literally in a 'chippy' alley.

Where to eat in Chippie Lane? For chips, my girlfriend swears by Dorothy's. For kebabs, I recommend Kebabland. If you're after fried chicken I heartily recommend you avoid Chippie Lane altogether and head up City Rd. instead to somewhere like Miss Millie's.

To the best of my knowledge, the shops in Chippie Alley don't close until 4am, so even the tardiest clubber can secure massively overpriced curry sauce on chips. Enjoy.

UPDATE 09/07/2004: Chippy Lane has suffered a 'tidying up' at the hands of the council - the area across the street has become the posh 'Brewery Quarter' of pretentious bars and restaurants, and the street itself has been repaved with slippy tiles so the sidewalk is now level with the street, and there are rumours they're aiming to get rid of all the chip shops. Nooooo!