Um, the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen wasn't always fat. In Dune: House Atreides, the Baron is a well-muscled, primed specimen. A Bene Gesserit infects him with a disease that makes him grow uncontrollably.

He is not a crime lord. He is the Baron of one of the most important Houses in the Landsraad. He was Baron long before Paul Muad'Dib was even born. He was also not very often in control of Dune, his real homeworld was Giedi Prime, an industrial nightmare slave planet.

The Baron's scheming was responsible for lots of stuff... read the Dune series by Frank Herbert for more.

Really, if you are going to explain someone, don't make a cheesy comparison. It doesn't work.

The following is a fallacy:

Vladimir Harkonnen is a Crime Lord.
Jabba the Hutt is a Crime Lord.
Vladimir Harkonnen is Jabba The Hutt

Odi:Point being if you're going to have a node called Vladimir Harkonnen, make it about Vladimir Harkonnen, not about some cheesy comparison to a more popular and well known character. Take your write-up and shove it into a write-up called Comparison of Vladimir Harkonnen and Jabba the Hutt and put something that actually tells the story of Vladimir Harkonnen without needing knowledge of some pop culture classic. Do him the justice he is deserved, as a character in his own right.