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Let me be frank, no! Let me be me. I really am a mess inside my brain or at least I think I am. (see, I am) The psychiatrists tell me I am and give me meds. I don't like meds and I can no longer afford them. They do more harm than good, so I am finally dwindling off the toxins and am looking forward to starting the Empower minerals I was introduced to. Luckily, YOU as my audience will have a first hand look into my psyche. Am I looking for attention? No. Expressing feelings is part of healing. Mentally ill people are not to be looked upon lightly. We are the "postals" who explode, the damned in the head, the afraid and fearful, and the final solution "suiciders" when we are not trying to help ourselves. Lacking some things we make up in other ways; we are funny, jokers, love to help others. Why? (Bipolar) We love to see smiles, because it helps us feel better temporarily. When we are alone, we are very different. We clean, we cry, we pray if we can, we annoy others and tend to keep to ourselves. Unfortunately for my husband and son, they get to live with me. We live in a studio apartment. There are no separate rooms for privacy, so we are just plain F&%&^d for the time being. You are my private room now.

Maybe we can help each other, with no mention of religion, political views or abusive language, please. I am a person and you can be a person. Simplicity is all I ask. Thanks for reading and not reading into me.