An important addendum... Del and the rest of the Hieroglyphics crew hail from Oakland, not San Francisco.

Also, Del has been all over lately, working on a number of side projects. The most critically acclaimed of these has been Deltron 3030, where he teamed up with uberproducer Dan "The Automator" Nakamura as well as Bay Area scratch artist Kid Koala to create a sort of futuristic hip-hopera, if you will. Deltron 3030 was very successful despite its somewhat nerdy content, but that is Del's steez. Lyrically, he can get a little haughty with his vocabulary by lording his intelligence over everyone else, but that's just part of the tradition of braggadocio hip-hop and battling the omnipresent Wack MC. Perhaps Del's most widely recognized work of late is his guest shot on the Gorillaz project, which, not coincidentally, also involved Dan the Automator. Del was featured on the lead single "Clint Eastwood," a track that found heavy rotation, most likely, on your local Clear Channel or Infinity Broadcasting affiliate, as well as MTV.

Del's trademark fashion statement is a nose ring. I should also note that he is a pretty small dude, I would estimate maybe 5'11, 145 or something like that. (I saw him in concert.) He used to be into acid trips but has stopped, saying that it doesn't do it for him anymore.