The Olympic flame first burned at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, and the torch relay was introduced during the 1936 Berlin Olympics by Carl Diem. The flame is now traditionally ignited by the rays of the sun at Olympia, Greece for both the Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games, though that was not always the case.

From 1952 to 1960, the flame for the Winter Olympics was lit at various locations, including at the house of Sorheim Norheim, a pioneer of winter sports in Norway.

The following is a list of all the final torchbearers for all of the previous Olympics.

Olympics 1936 - Berlin- Fritz Schilgen, track athlete

Olympics 1948 - London- John Mark, track athlete

Olympics 1952 - Oslo- Eigil Nansen, grandson of famous skier

Olympics 1952 - Helsinki- Paavo Nurmi and Hannes Kolehmainen, famous long distance runners

Olympics 1956 - Cortina d'Ampezzo- Guido Caroli, figure skater

Olympics 1956 - Melbourne- Ron Clarke, long distance runner

Olympics 1960 - Squaw Valley- Kenneth Henry, speedskater

Olympics 1960 - Rome- Giancarlo Peris, track athlete

Olympics 1964 - Innsbruck- Joseph Rieder

Olympics 1964 - Tokyo- Yoshinori Sakai, born near Hiroshima the day it was hit by the atomic bomb

Olympics 1968 - Grenoble- Alain Calmat

Olympics 1968 - Mexico City- Norma Enriqueta Basilio de Sotelo

Olympics 1972 - Sapporo- Hideki Takada

Olympics 1972 - Munich- Günther Zahn, track athlete

Olympics 1976 - Innsbruck- Christl Haas and Josef Feistmantl

Olympics 1976 - Montreal- Stéphane Préfontaine and Sandra Henderson, young track athletes

Olympics 1980 - Lake Placid- Charles Kerr, doctor

Olympics 1980 - Moscow- Sergey Belov, basketball player

Olympics 1984 - Sarajevo- Sandra Dubravcic

Olympics 1984 - Los Angeles- Rafer Johnson, 1960 decathlon champion

Olympics 1988 - Calgary- Robyn Perry, yound Canadian girl

Olympics 1988 - Seoul- Chung Sun-Man, Kim Won-Tak and Sohn kee-Chung

Olympics 1992 - Albertville- Michel Platini and François-Cyrille Grange

Olympics 1992 - Barcelona- Antonio Rebollo, Paralympic archer

Olympics 1994 - Lillehammer- Crown prince Haakon

Olympics 1996 - Atlanta- Muhammad Ali, famous boxer

Olympics 1998 - Nagano- Midori Ito, famous figure skater

Olympics 2000 - Sydney- Cathy Freeman, track athlete

Olympics 2002 - Salt Lake City- 1980 United States Ice Hockey team

Olympics 2004 - Athens- Nikolaos Kakalamanakis