Depression is a very complex problem & for many "normal" people, it can appear as though it only needs a little "positive thought", and the sufferer can just "pull themselves out of it".

Unfortunately, this isn't the case.

For most sufferers, depression is brought on by a number of factors, not necessarily related, and often not even the kind of dramatic events (bereavement, divorce etc..) that lead to the troughs that everybody goes through in life.

With the aid of medication & personal counselling from a psychiatric professional, most sufferers can begin to cope with these factors & find ways to break the cycles that led them downwards. With this help, a great many can "recover", or at least live a comparatively normal life".

Feeling down is a normal occurrence, but depression is an illness & should be treated as one. You wouldn't suggest that diabetes will just disappear if you "think positive", so please don't do the same for depression.