This is sometimes referred to as the 2nd Roswell. On January 20th, 1996, strange UFO sightings were recorded in the skies over Varghinia, South America. Early the next morning, an anonymous phonecall to the fire department came in, saying that there was a strange creature running loose in a country area. Rushing to the spot, the fire brigade were surprised to discover that the military were already there, and a unanimous effort was made to catch the creature. All this was recorded by eyewitnesses who saw this happening. For neither the army men nor the fire dept. would disclose any information.

An actual sighting was made that afternoon by three local girls, who said they say a small dark brown skin man, with red eyes and horn like protrusions on his head crouching by a wall. They claimed it was definitely not a terrestrial being."It looks like a man but it's not. It has grey/brown skin, big red eyes, big feet and 3 little horns on its head".

An interesting incident was the death of a fireman that had come into close contact with this weird creature in the capture - he died a week later, and a quick autopsy revealed 8 unknown toxins in his body. The family were ordered to bury the body quickly, with no funeral. The family obeyed, in shock - however they later regretted it and wanted the body exhumed for further study. but the government refused them permission - it seemed to have become a national securtiy issue.

The very silence and aversion of the issue by the military on the matter is very suspicious. Rumours were made that a such creature was captured and taken to a hospital - the autopsy of the creature was carried by many doctors, or so an anonymous military man said - this man described it much as the three girls had, saying that he thought it unfair that such a thing should be kept away from the public.

There is much speculation on what could have happened to the body or bodies - some rumours rose that they were being stored in the region's best university that housed high-tech forensic equipment. Other stories claim the bodies were sent over to America in an unchartered plane. But these are just speculations.