Futurama Episode #28: Mother's Day
Production #2ACV14
Date: Sunday, May 14, 2000 at 7PM
Intro Caption: "Larva-Tested Pupa-Approved"

During Mother's Day, the celebration of Mom, the owner of "Mom's Friendly Robot Company", robots all over the world gather to honour her with gifts. However, in the gathering of the robots, Mom plans to control the robots remotely (with use of their antennae) so that she may take over the world.

In hopes to end her evil plot, Mom's three sons (See My Three Suns) find out that Professor Farnsworth had once been Mom's lover. But to deactivate the robots' killing mode, the Professor must seduce Mom to steal the remote control that controls the killer robots, from her bra.

The crew succeed in restoring the robots to their normal state and save the day, but Mom discovers that the Professor had been using her. The Professor ends up being heartbroken and creates a race of giant mutant white gorillas screaming "Mom."

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