I just woke up, my eyes are still a bit blurry.
What a dream. It was definitely a scary dream. Almost a nightmare, but not as intense.

So I'm in the North Pole or some ice desert where there's nobody, but me, my brother and some lady -- I think she's some kind of research person. Then there's our guide, the eskimo dude.

He sets up an igloo for us, it's a big one. He, for some reason, puts rocks on the lower layer and then covers it with sheets, lots of them. He says it's comfortable. So anyway, he finishes laying the sheets and it's almost night, but the sun is still there. He was about to leave us when he says: "Beware of the Polar Bears."

We stand there aghast: "What!!?"
"Come back here, eskimo dude!"
He comes back and tells us that there are a lot of polar bears roaming around, they're not hungry or anything, they're just bored and need some fun. They often go into igloos using their noses to wake people up. Despite his briefing on polar bears, we ask him to stay with us and he does.

It's the night and we're all asleep when suddenly I see a polar bear's head trying to get in our igloo. Now for some reason, the igloo is no igloo anymore, it's a Teepee?

The polar bear enters with ease since the entrance is a flap; he's immense yet manages to enter our shelter. I'm petrified and I pretend to be asleep. The polar bear pushes me with his nose as a husband would ask his wife for sex.

Since I'm on the other side of the Teepee and have my back facing my brother who's in the middle, I can't see whether my brother or the research person are there or not. I hear voices outside and it seems to be morning; I've overslept, but the polar bear is still with me.

He's pushing me harder, almost twirling me with his great paws and nose. I try to resist; I continue my immitation of a dead corpse. Then for some reason, I decide to roll my self to the entrance very rapidly like action heroes do in movies and get out of the teepee. I do, but (yet another thing that does not make sense) there's a shower in our teepee and the research lady was taking a shower, so the polar bear proceeds to the shower room of the teepee and she screams and runs out of the teepee where everybody is: me, my brother, the lady and the eskimo dude.

She's naked, so me and my brother quickly take off off our clothes to dress her and for some other reason, we only have pants and t-shirts to offer her.

Now we're fully clothed and the polar bear has found his way out of the teepee.

This dream is too scary! GET ME OUT!!!

I wake up.