I'm a white guy in this dream and I have two forms: a husband and John Candy (I take different perspectives in the dream).

The husband has blonde hair, he's pretty average and for some reason, he's obsessed with pregnancy (I have a feeling this is the result of studying the reproductive system at 2 in the morning and it's 8 o'clock now).

John Candy is his brother and is very strong. For some reason, he mistakes the death of his brother. This happens when he sees his brother lying seemingly dead in the sewer. He is enraged and conveniently, 50 thugs surround him in the alley where he is weeping. The boss of the thugs signals two of his thugs to attack. I (being John Candy) whack these boneheads with my huge arms and go around kicking arse across the thug nation. But suddenly, a cop car strolls nearby and we all act innocent, as if we were all good buddies. The boss of the thugs shout: "Come back here later and we'll settle this!" I agree to his challenge, but I've changed perspective now (omniscient).

The boss of the thugs talks with two of his thugs.

    Thug#1: Don't worry boss, we'll take care of him.

    Boss: "No, he is strong. Even stronger than my 2 strongest fighters."

    *Boss takes out a thick red straw and offers it to the two thugs.

    *Both thugs sniff cocaine out of the red straw and smile with glee.

Now it is another scene. I'm the husband and I'm in a train beside my wife, who is pregnant, and her friend who is in the seats behind ours, is talking to my wife. My wife's friend is talking to my wife, saying how men are assholes and are so insensitive about pregnancy, but my wife, in my defense, says: "He's not like that. He thinks that pregancy is a painful process for women and the Holiest of journeys in a woman's life."

// Yes, it's hillarious and cheesy, but I've no control over the lines in my dreams!

Now I look at my wife for a very long while (she's really hot, blonde hair, wearing a flowery dress with little white, brown, orange, beige designs) and I seemed worried, because in my mind, I'm picturing this in a very technical way (in my mind): "I am a virus who has laid his eggs in another creature's womb." My face suddenly turns pale and I seem depressed as if I had done something horribly wrong. I sit down abruptly and hold my wife's hand; my hand over the knuckles of her fist.

I don't really remember the part where the "John Candy-me" sees the husband dead, but for some reason, the sewers are like in the Ninja Turtles: pleasant, not smelly and alley-like. The husband was walking there and he tripped. At the same moment, he tripped, John Candy sees him from a sewer lid (is there another name for those?) and mistakes the death of his brother.