Ah! I am filled with immense joy today, my fellow noders. My dream was a dream, but its vividity washed away all my worries. Man, I sound like Fraggle Rock or something.

Anyways, this was like some Total Recall dream where everything is just the way I want. I had the girl: Natalie. I had the hair: Frizzy Spiky Black (I looked a lot like my uncle). I had the clothes. I don't think I'm a materialistic person (I'd like to think so anyways) so wealth didn't matter much to me, but having Natalie by my side, I was truly in a dream.

We were in Chinatown, Montreal. We were in front of the old cinema and for some reason, I was in the washroom of the cinema combing my hair. I was The Fonz. I was totally another person. The person I've always wanted to be. The guy with ultra-confidence and high self-esteem.

That's pretty much all I remember. I remember kissing Natalie and holding her in my arms as if I was some kind of heroic vampire. Ah dreams rule and dreams will all they will be.