How odd, I've remembered 2 dreams in a row, but this one is much longer and raises many questions in me.

The first dream (which probably lead to the second) was about me trying to return this book I bought last night. In real life, I had thought that the book looked a bit more battered than usual compared to other new books, but it was still a new book. It was a paperback in real life, but in the dream, it was a hardcover and looked like shit. The side was ripped, so I decided to return it to where I had bought it (at Chapters, and for some reason I was at the back of Chapters):

    "Hi, I was wondering if I could return this, because I had overlooked the side of the book (shows the side)."

    "Oh that looks pretty bad. No problem, sir. We'll replace a new one for you."

And that was the end of the first dream. The second dream was a bit longer. I was at McDonalds (beurk!) with a couple of friends when suddenly I notice this Goth girl with a dark teal shirt pelting dirt from the MacDonalds garden. I comment to my friend: "She's hot." And my friend nods. After we finish eating, I pass by her and she's crying while pelting the dirt. I ask her why she's crying and she replies with a sob. I tell my friends to meet me at the car so I can talk to her. I asked her again: "What's wrong?" Then somehow she tells me that she has money troubles and she owes the government $5000 and she doesn't know how to repay them. I say that I could help her. I don't have $5000, but I could help her. And then later on, I give her this long speech about not tricking me into lending her more money and that she must be perfectly honest. I am reassured by her continuous sobs and take her with my friends' jeep to ride off somewhere.

Then the dream moves on and I think this is months after. We're not really going out (me and the Goth girl), but we're very good friends, but there is something strange that is separating us. We are at my friend's house and wanted to show us this video. For some odd reason he was rewinding his tape with a controller from a Radio controlled car. He played his tape and it was this YTV-like commercial where this guy dressed in a Captain America suit was coming out of a TV while this teenage boy was going to sleep having the TV beside him (it makes no sense). It was supposed to be a spinoff from an actual YTV commmercial (I don't know whether that's true in Real life or not). Anyways, my friend's mom kicks us out of the house, so we decide to go somewhere in my friend's jeep. I am the last one leaving and I notice a picture of my friend's older sister on a table near the door. Suddenly her sister comes out and tells my friend that she's going somewhere and my friend leaves the house and somehow my friend's sister ends up talking to her mom and her mom gave me some weird Bible saying and I quickly ran.

I arrive at the jeep beside the Goth girl -- only now she's not Gothy anymore, she's got bleached hair and a white shirt and everything. She looks like the antithesis of Goth. Anyways, I tell my friends that my friend's mom had given a weird Bible quote to me and they all laughed.

    Kristen: "Why were you running so fast?"

    me: "Justin's mom freaked me out."

    Kristen: "again?" (laughing)

    reverse-Goth girl: "What if?" (probably meaning 'As if')

    me puzzled.