I should've noded this this morning, but I was in a hurry to go to school. It was a weird dream. The first dream that I remember that relates to what I've been reading lately...which is the Eye of the World. I had just finished it last night (and I started The Great Hunt this morning) at about 1 or 2 in the morning.

The dream didn't last very long, because I didn't sleep for a very long time (4 hours at least)...I'm surprised I even dreamed, I usually don't. Anyways I was in the Blight with some of my friends I think and suddenly two Myrddraal appeared. It's weird, because in the dream the Myrdraal were dudes in black cloaks, but with those I know what you did last summer masks -- without eyes of course. And they held me and as always, I panic. In the dream I panic, because I couldn't escape and the two Fades took me by the arms, away from my friends. Then for some odd reason, I chomped on one of the Fades' head and it was sugar! His head became a big block of sugar with a big chunk bitten off.

What an odd dream, but it's kind of fun being in a dream of a place you've read about. Reading and dreaming are almost the same -- kinda.