I was dreaming that I was at my computer talking on ICQ. Nothing really interesting physically, but I was talking to Sophie, a friend I hadn't seen since secondaire 2 (grade 8). For some reason, she had always been on my contact list (which isn't true in real life) but she just came online out of nowhere and I was very excited, because I wanted to ask a million questions. I asked her which school she went to and she said ICC (which isn't really a school, but one of those paid colleges in real life). Then I asked her what kind of music she listened to nowadays (I remember her being Punkish/Skater at the time I knew her), but apparently, she had changed her tastes and listened to Ani Difranco. I asked her what she wore and she told me a black outfit. While she was describing me her black outfit (the classy business type: two piece, long skirt, boots, jacket), I was picturing her being at her computer replying to me. She still had the short hair (although I hadn't asked about that), glasses and she had matured a great deal. I don't remember what I asked next, but the answer resulted in her describing a girl which she was best friends with. Her name was Sherona (hehe) and all she wore was Cowboy outfits. While she was describing Sherona with immense detail, I was picturing a catalogue with the Cowboy pants, shirt, hat and boots her friend wore. She commented that Sherona didn't wear anything "up-to-date", but it was nice and really fitted her style.

I don't remember the rest, but when I was picturing her room while typing at her computer, it was a small room with plants on a shelf above her computer tower. It was a very small and clean room, but had a lot of stuff in it like books. She had her legs crossed in her black outfit, short dirty blonde hair and glasses. I imagined that Sherona resembled a lot to Irvine Kinneas from Final Fantasy 8, but with dark blue jeans.

In the dream, I had asked all the questions and she hadn't asked any questions about me. I also remember during our conversation that I had forgotten how to say a specific word and I typed "neoprogesterone" instead of the "neo-something" that I meant. For some reason, she was able to format the text so that she could underline certain parts of my messages to correct me. Although I hadn't seen her for so many years, I felt as if she was my best friend and that she was "too cool", while I acted as if I was somekind of ditzy high school girl asking a multitude of questions.

About Sophie
In Secondaire 2, Sophie had to change schools, because her best friend, Nathalie, convinced all her friends to hate her. I was friends with both of them, but I didn't choose sides. In secondaire 3 (grade9), she had gone to another school in PAT and I hadn't seen her since. She was a really kind and gentle person and I felt sorry that she had to change schools. btw I searched for her name on ICQ and two results popped out. One of them, I'm not sure while the other one could suggest that it's her, because the birth year is one year older than mine, which could be possible. I don't know whether I should message those people or not, because in real life, she would probably not even remember me.