I wish I would've noded this earlier, but seeing as I've nothing in mind to node and I was going to continue my Futurama Episode Guide noding frenzy, but I didn't want to watch anymore Futurama's to remind myself of what happened for the synopses.

I only had one class today and it was English, my worst class. I always loved English, but my teacher is the biggest arsehole. Whatever, I'll kick ass in English in future times.

I had planned to study all morning in the library which I did, but only for an hour...out of 4 hours. I spent 40 minutes running around the mall (I love running!) for exercise...which made me hungry so I headed to McDicks for breakfast. Then I went to school to study, did so for an hour. I fell asleep after that for half an hour which seemed like a 3 hour sleep or something. I think I even had a dream during that time. Anyways, I woke up realizing that there was some guy sitting beside me and that's when I quickly sprinted my way out of the library, embarassed that I had probably been mumbling in my sleep or snoring.

I went to Chapters for awhile. This is probably the most disturbing thing today. After having bought coffee at Starbucks I came across the magazine section of Chapters and just froze there. I was staring at a copy of Maxim. I must've spent 30 seconds staring and it was a pretty crowded place. I was staring at this half-naked girl covering her boobs. WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?? WHAT?? WHY AM I STARING AT THIS FILTH?? I fucking hate Maxim. It's social garbage. But I couldn't shrug off my instincts. Ugh. Again embarassed at what had just happened, I quickly ran to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section to hide. I wasn't really looking at the books, I mean I almost know every book in that section and I've either read, owned or heard about most of those books. I needn't be there, but I hid there to laugh. To laugh at how ridiculous I must've seemed when I was staring at that copy of Maxim. Ha.

After my English class, I took the bus back home and in the bus, for some very odd reason, I was thinking about when/if I had a wife, what would she be like? I think I've gone through that question several times during my teenagehood, and it was always a topic of interest, because it never had an answer, nor should it have one methinks. I think the biggest conflict is between love and culture. The balance between those two things make it very difficult for me to choose a wife. Whether that'll be a problem in the future or not, it seems to be a problem of immense magnitude now. But I know that through time, problems get smaller and things get easier. I sure hope so anyways.

When I got home, there was this couple racing down the stairs in my building. The girl was a redhead with chestnut eyes and she churped a "Hello" to me, which I didn't respond because I was struck in awe and her boyfriend who had black hair; the kind the Irish have.