It's more of an adventure than a trip.

(Une) Cabane à Sucre is a place where they make maple syrup (sirop d'érable in Québec). Since I've forgotten a lot of things about it, I'll only mention what I remember which may be inaccurate.

When I was in elementary school it was an annual trip. We'd go there, get maple syrup candy of many kinds. My favorite part was when they'd put the hot maple syrup on the snow and you'd have to roll it on the stick. It ruled!

Then when I was in scouts, we'd stay overnight at a Cabane à Sucre where they'd serve us a really good breakfast in the morning. This included jambon (ham), eggs and des oreilles de Crisse (which litterally translates to ears of Christ, but they were fried pork ears if I remember correctly). You'd get to accompany your breakfast with maple syrup of course.

They'd also let you go and fetch some maple syrup from the trees. That was fun when you were 7 or something. I think every kid from Quebec has had their share of stories from Cabane's à Sucre.

edit: thanks to achan in pointing out my mispelling of syrup with an 'i'.