Stumble Upon is a dream come true for anyone that aimlessly surfs the internet for hours on end with no purpose or goal. Usually you have to use your cognitive faculties to try and find new and interesting websites, blogs, pictures, news, games, etc. All of this thinking and searching is a hassle and can easily be remedied with StumbleUpon.

Stumble Upon works very simply. You download the StumbleUpon toolbar, you mark your interests off from a list, and then you start stumbling! Stumbling is when you hit the StumbleUpon button and it takes you to a random website/blog/news story/etc that falls within your interest categories.

StumbleUpon has features to cut down on your browsing time and make it easy to find sites you want.

  • Restrict search to specific categories (news, videos, photos, religion, art history, video games, etc.)

  • Rating system: approve or disapprove of any site you stumble upon to get more or less sites similar to that

  • Friend system: Add friends to your profile, stumble results are affected by the ratings they give to websites