So many bad comments about Zoloft... when it has had such a good effect on a lot of peoples lives.

I used to be very depressed, now I'm just a bit down sometimes. And who isn't? Isn't that "normal", after all?

I had slight OCD, panic attacks and depression, and good ol' Zoloft dragged me back from my pit of despair and confusion. I started on 50mgs, and have now stabilised my intake at 100mgs a day.

A side effect you may not expect: weight loss. After losing my appetite for 4 months, I lost about 10kgs with absolutely no change to my exercise habits.

If you're trying to decide whether to start on it or not, I say just give it a go for a while- it could save your life in the end.

And that's not so bad, is it? (Cue sappy music now... awww).