My first daylog for a while, as I've been feeling quite plain and blah lately. Being unemployed and terminally bored doesn't make for interesting noding, surprisingly enough.

But news has come of a job in Tamworth: not just any old job, but one for someone with a degree in JOURNALISM. At the local paper, starting "from the bottom up". Sounds tempting- no, not really. I'm torn, as I need a job, and it would give me xp in the real world, doing stuff I like. The paper is part of the Rural Press, a national company, and has room for advancement, which is good.

On the other hand, it's in Tamworth. The place I left in 1998, vowing to never go back. "Too small, too gossipy, too boring" I said as I motored off to my new life in Newcastle (now also too small, too gossipy and too boring). But I could live with my family during the week and visit my beautiful boy and my darling sister on the weekends.

I'll apply and see how it goes. My dramatic pros and cons list will probably be all for naught when a little high school kid (cheaper to employ) beats me for the position anyway...

I saw Josie and the Pussycats today. It was quite cute, and had a surprising anti-commercial message. And the pussycats- how gorgeous! Tara Reid, as Hollywood-fake (blonde, thin, under-dressed) as she is, is sex on a stick. I wish my hair would grow faster so I could be a little try-hard like all the teenyboppers.

Johnnie has left Big Brother. All the people left are boring- at the very least, Sara-Marie should be one of the last three; in fact, she should win. It was weird to see Johnnie go- everyone on the show was crying, and I have to admit it was sad to hear his good-bye video to Jemma. They've only been on for a few months, but they're getting under my skin. And what will we talk about when BB is over? It's the only topic everyone has an opinion on, and can occupy a lot of conversing time. Oh, the joy of social interaction.

I made a clock today. Well, put one together. Well, painted one, anyway. But I did put the hands on. That took talent. I painted the Japanese numbers on in glow in the dark paint, for that classy touch. Strangely, the clock comes without a stand and has to lean up against something, which is very sturdy and handy for a uni-student household with drunk people running around and playing. Oh no! Watch out for my $14 high quality clock!

I've started Infinite Jest and really like it so far (oh yes, all my 67 pages into it). Luckily I have a lot of time to fill...