I've now finished my degree. I had my first and last exam at uni today, a prepared three question short essay deal, and it went okay. It was such an incredible feeling walking out of the room, knowing that I'd never have to do an exam again, or study, or hang around the library late on a Sunday afternoon waiting for the book I really really need for my assignment.

So now, I'm officially unemployed.

I do have my casual job (catering, waitressing, providing a high quality service and product for existing and potential customers) to fall back on, but you don't exactly finish a communications degree to be a caterer/ waitress. Well, maybe you do, but I didn't. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The party is shaping up well: 80s ahoy! A stereotyped theme, I know, but it's easy, so... meh. Jason bought a record player today for all our musical vinyl needs, and I went second hand clothes shopping for our outfits. Naturally I underestimated Jason's manly shape and got him acid washed jeans that don't do up around his waist... try again tomorrow, mella. I got a dahling (read: 80s Eurotrash) black and white gown with a HUGE black bow at the waist. Sexy, yes? Add that to a cream background with black zigzags and you've got a surefire bad taste winner.

We're going for a trashy 80s prom theme and are going all out with crepe paper streamers and a balloon arch. And black and white 80s style pictures for the walls and decorative record covers (such as Ghostbusters) for around the place. We have very few actual 80s records to listen to, however, as the Ghostbusters vinyl we bought had the wrong record in it: Bobby Darin's "18 Yellow Roses". Nice.

I haven't been noding lately as I've been busy with uni stuff (yeah, real busy, sure), but it'll start again soon. Oh yes, let the New Write-Ups be flooded with my inane chattering! Not really. Well, we'll see what I can come up with.