Queen's Birthday long weekend

Interesting to see nine9 is also addicted to Big Brother (albeit a different country's version). Nice to see there's more than one Everythingian addicted to crap tv. If anyone cares, Peter was the Australian Big Brother housemate evicted yesterday. I don't think any of us saw that coming.

As Friday is my last day of uni (with a 2 hour exam- yay) we're having a party on Saturday night. The theme is 80s- not original, I know, but we've recently been to a 70s night, and a 40s party, and everyone loves the 1980s- well, at least those of us who didn't live through it first time around. I've just finished the invitations: I found a shop which sells old vinyl singles for 70 cents each, so I slipped the invites into the envelopes with the singles and handed them out. Have to get a costume soon, I guess.

Our friend has been visiting from Sydney, so we've been doing stuff all weekend. This has led to an incredibly boring third day of the long weekend as we've already seen a movie, a video, watched tv, gone out to eat, and drank a lot of alcohol. Everyone's getting crotchety and snappish because we're so bored. Now what are we going to do?