Another week, another eviction on Big Brother.

Christina is out. It wasn't a real surprise for many people as the press deemed her "too ordinary" to win from the start. Now only Sara-Marie, Ben and Blair remain. The Sydney newspaper today claimed that Sara-Marie will win, and that Blair will be close behind, and I have to agree. Not that I watch it or anything ;)

Speaking of Big Brother, the last Big Brother Uncut was a special of all the Big Brother shows from around the world. There was a lot of debauchery in the European shows, including sex and masturbation on air ! The couple having "relations" in the toilet and another couple together on the top bunk in full view of the camera was revolutionary for us boring Aussie viewers. All we saw of our gang was cuddling and a "dancing doona". Wow. Aren't we sexually adventurous...

Apparently Australian schools have been having a lot of trouble with kids voting other kids out of their friendship groups a la Big Brother, The Weakest Link, and Survivor. Being the ostracised odd one out was never that stylish for me...

In other news, I'm in Tamworth with Dad and Renee, and am getting very snappish. There's only so much "do you want something to eat?" from Dad and "can you loan me some money?" from arkaem I can handle. I've been hanging around waiting to hear if I have a job interview, but I can't be bothered waiting here anymore, so it's back to Newcastle tomorrow. Or, as the lady at the booking centre said, "It leaves at 4:50 am. In the morning. Tonight. Well, tomorrow. Morning". Righto. Got it.

Whilst I've been wasting my life in good old Tamworth for a week I've not done much. I went out twice and danced up a storm with arkaem and her pals. I only saw two people I know from high school and they were both people I didn't really talk to back then, so I didn't want to go over and start a conversation with two almost-strangers. I was pretty disappointed with the lack of Tamworth High School ex-student participation in the Friday/Saturday night tradition of everyone going to the one nightclub in town, but hey. At least I didn't have to avoid anyone I don't like.

So it's back to Newcastle, where I have to start actively looking for a job, dammit. But it's so much easier to sit at home and wait for a mystery boss to ring and say "Melanie! I have the perfect job for you! We'll have the limo there in ten minutes!". Then I'd have to get out of my stinky pyjamas and have a shower and find my work shoes. It's a nice dream, anyway.

Have a good week, everybody!