Job situation: prognosis positive!

A lot has happened since my last daylog, but I like to just do one round-up of the activities of the week in my Sunday night node so I'm going to put it all here.

I came back from Tamworth on Monday. The bus was supposed to get to the station at 4:30am but due to the snow in the hills it got there 2 hours late. Sweet. I love hanging around the bus station in the freezing cold! Anyway, 4 hours later I was met in Newcastle by my beautiful boy and a dozen red roses. It was a gorgeous reunion. He's still my beautiful boy.

In the car on the way home from the station my boy told me he had some good news and some bad news for me. Immediately I was thinking "Oh my god, the budgie/rabbit is dead/ he lost his job/ his mum is sick". But no: one of my write-ups was nuked. After all those horrible images I really didn't care. It was a crap write-up anyway.

But the good news: someone had rung earlier that day to tell me I HAVE A JOB! It was the job I did an interview for three weeks ago (see June 12, 2001)- the person who'd taken it had quit that day, and they needed someone to start the next day- Tuesday! Yay!

So now I've been there almost a week, and everything is grand. I'm a report writer for a private investigation company. Basically, we're hired to do surveillance on people who may be trying to rort the insurance companies (after car accidents, slipping on a shopping centre floor, etc), and my job is to compile the investigator's notes and videos into a formal report to be used in court (if the case gets that far). It's really frustrating having to learn all the formal jargon and not having a developed instinct on how to look at the videos properly. Sigh. But it's really cool to have a full time job, my own desk, my own cup for the water cooler, my own boss.

I think I'm just easy to please.

We went to a party on Monday night (I always like to have a big night the day before I start a new job) and it was good fun. I got some bad news from a friend but as too many mutual friends are e2ians I can't talk about it here. Which is a pity, 'cause I'd like to. But apart from that, Monday night was really good. Everyone was in a good mood, and there was plenty of goon/beer/pot, and cool music, as always.

Yesterday one of our best friends came and visited from Sydney. We basically ate a lot together, and last night drank a lot together. We went to the Exchange and caught up with the boys and watched them play pool (and watched a "sexy" blond woman pose all around the pool table as she played, and watched them watch her) and then exited stage left to play Quake II and Music 2000 at home on the PSX. And drink more. Then today we went to the park and played hacky for a few hours before I did many stupid handstands, cartwheels and splits. It was a really great weekend, all in all.

Final word on my employment: This is my first "proper" job; I look forward to getting to dread going to it in the future. Maybe that will be tomorrow. I've got an 8 minute video to do a report on. Yay.