"Coasting" also applies to the phenomenon which is condensation and drink spillage.

The usual set up for this occurrance:

Step One: Person A and Person B are sitting in a bar or club, sipping what is usually two glasses of beer.

Step Two: Person A picks up their drink and, as a result of the condensation which has run down his/her glass, forming a seal, the coaster comes with it. Person A does not notice.

Step Three: Person B: "Hey, man, you're coasting".

Step Four: Person A hurriedly removes the attached coaster from the drink and sits it back on the table, cursing the laws of moisture, wet cardboard and alcohol.

In most cases, Step Two is preceeded by Person A making a "witty" comment, like "Check out that guy- where does he think he's going in those pants? 1983?"

Such an occurrance makes the "coasting" all the more funny, and causes Step Four to be full of much more embarrassment, as in, God, I'm so funny tonight, I'm so cool... Insert Step Three God, I'm an idiot. Why am I even here tonight?.

This is the tragedy which is coasting.