warning: extrememly bad sentence structure and lay out ahead!

oh boy do i like writing factual nodes. and its mostly because i like learning about things, but i'm not a hardcore go-get-em kinda "geek" so i don't just learn about most things for no reason. so everything gives me a reason to get out there and learn things, and teach them at the same time. for this, i'm thankful to have everything 2 around.

also, many people, including myself, learn more effectively if they have to understand what they read, then put it into their own words in a way that almost anyone can grasp. i remember the things that i've researched to node. i don't remember calculus.

i'm very scared of university, yet meeting it with open arms at the same time. there seem to be a lot of really nice, helpful people on campus, but also a bunch of the 'i'm to good for you' type.

finances are working out pretty good, although the cell phone may be excessive, i'll see how much i use it this month and go from there. i may not need free evenings anymore, if i plan on studying then (which i do).

more people need to /msg eachother around here, and chat and help each other out. it really does make you feel like you 'belong' here... how much as you can belong or not belong to a web-community i don't know, but hey, you get the idea. so i'm going to strike up more conversations. (while not using e2 as a study distraction/excuse for procrastination of course).

Life is good. So is chocolate milk.