So the other day in my paleontology/evolution course I learned that it took photosynthesizing bacteria 2 BILLION years to produce the oxygen rich atmosphere necessary for the evolution of other animals, including humans.

That's 2 000 million...

About 25 million human life times.

And in about 2 to 2.5 of these same life times we have made a significant impact on the atmosphere, not to mention change the face of the earth, which has been happenning for a LONG time.

This is very sad. Its discouraging and really awful when you think about it.

But what are we supposed to do really? Yes, we could all stop driving, flying and moving about in any way but foot, or any means driven by magnets and granola. But how do you get an entire WORLD of people to take a giant step backwards, even if it will take us forwards? Nearly impossible.

I think about what I can do, and reduce, reuse, recycle is about it. Either that or I could leave my home to go live in the Amazon some where, only to have my new home eventually turned into some sort of garbage pit or amusement park.

Humans are greedy, and we live in excess. A radical change will only happen when our resources are nearly or completely exhausted.

Unless of course by then we have found a new planet to ruin, and have the means to get ourselves there.

In other news, I can no longer drink. I have a hangover from 3 drinks.

Also, I'm worried about what CNN calls "America's New War". I don't want to live in a war zone, or watch any type of war happen. I especially don't want to watch any military/navy/marine people die over this. Why must the death toll rise for there to be satisfaction?