So now in my community, and expectedly in many others, the prejudice against Muslims is growing. I heard that there have been bomb threats against a Muslim school where I live. And have heard accounts of prejudice in the form of dirty looks and snickers. These more common forms of prejudice will more than likely affect Muslim women more than men as they are a more visible member of the religion.

This disgusts me.

Did the Muslim community, especially those who came to North America to have a better life, plan this attack? NO. Some EXTREMIST group, which happens to be Muslim did. Yes, their motives may be what they thought/think is religious. Hitler thought what he was doing was religiously sound also. These people are not normal Muslims. They have twisted the words Koran to suit their purposes.

I hear that some Muslims, especially women, are fearful to leave their homes. This is terrible. Most of the Muslims in Canada and the U.S. are landed immigrants or citizens. Those that are citizens have the exact same rights as you and I, and it is ILLEGAL and IMMORAL to treat them this way. The landed immigrants may not have all the same rights, but human rights are universal, aren't they?

So lets think about this.... what if the terrorists were Christian? Would we (North Americans) be looking down our noses at Christians? NO. Why? Because Christianity is familiar to us. We understand Christianity, and it is the majority.

This event has become a tragedy in several respects. One of them is that it has magnified the ignorance and rasism in North America.

Do what you can to help your fellow Canadian or American Muslim, because they are as much a Canadian or American as you are. Do not condone this prejudice, and please educate yourself about the people who live around you. Ask a Muslim what he/she believes religiously, and chances are they will be glad to tell you.

This really concerns me because many, and in some areas, most of the murders are racially motivated. It would be a complete shame and disgrace to let these terrorists cause or augment racism in North America to the point of violence.