This day has been insane.

Today I went to my first lecture and took the bus home for my 4 hour break. On the bus home I heard some people talking about a plane crash... and some crazy man yelling about Palestine.

I got home around 10:40, with my dad yelling for me to "get in here and see this! WHOLY SHIT!".

So I got in there and I saw it, and it was like a movie. A plane flying almost THROUGH a building, and them falling down. And I say "What the hell? Oh my god."

I stayed home and called my bf to wake him up and tell him to turn the TV on.

I live in London, Ontario. Which you would think is detached enough from New York, being in another country. But I, and my city, was affected. Around noon I sat on my back porch, listening to a radio broadcast that took over 4 of our radio stations and talked to my bf.

I looked out at the beautiful day, thinking "I don't want to live beside the U.S. if it's gonna be WW3." I was most likely over reacting, but justly so.

For anyone to bring one of the worlds powers to it's knees is a big deal. All the deaths and injuries are horrific. Today is a terrible, scary day.

Anyone who thinks, sarcastically, "big deal" about this, stick it up your bum. Cause it is.

The London airport was set up to take in those overseas flights that were supposed to land in the U.S.
All air traffic in Canada was also stopped.
Our newspaper put out an afternoon issue, which it hasn't done in 20 years.
The highways not to far from here were closed.
Our mayor was reassuring people they were safe.
The blood donor clinic here was over flowing with people lined up to help all they could.
People are offerring their homes to people who are stuck in London because of flights routed here.

When you get a response like that in a city in a different country, it's a BIG DEAL.

My sympathy goes out to all those affected by this.