So I was reading the Tim Hortons node today, and was thinking about Timmy's and how it really is a great coffee shop, but how it's also hopelessly depressing.

All the Timmys where I live and all the other restaurants are non-smoking, which is great. I can go there and chat with friends over an icer wtihout hacking up a lung and smelling like an ashtray. I remember when it wasn't non-smoking and all the donuts tasted like smoke. YUCK!

There are two Tim Hortons close to my house. One of them is nice, bright, new and does very well with the drive-thru bussiness and doesn't have very many walk in customers. The other has no drive-thru and is older, dimmer and its a bit scary walking in there some days.

The scary Timmys is always filled with people with teeth missing wearing old denim jackets permantely scented with eau-de-cigarette who also fainly smell of body odour. Often people drive to this Tim Hortons and then send one person in to get everything.

Some how this Tim Hortons has now become a place where trashy folks come, lawn chairs and all, to show off their juiced up old beater cars. Its really quite werid. They get a coffee, unfold the chairs and then open the hood of their car. They smoke and lean on their cars looking like "hot shit", or what I'm sure they think is their best attempt at such a look.

Anyhow, I really do like Tim Hortons, but didn't want to clutter that node with my observations at one lil location.