Tomorrow I have the second exam of my University "career". Although they call everything an exam. So it's really my 3rd.

Anyhow I'm feeling pretty confident. I like multiple choice. And I know my stuff. I'm aiming for 85%.

Being female can be a pretty crappy thing. It's wonderful, and I wouldn't change it for anything, but the role that our society expects me to fulfill is pure insanity.

Let's review all the things females are supposed to be:

  • successful career woman
  • loving girlfriend/wife
  • supportive daughter/sister
  • housekeeper
  • cook
  • as attractive as can be, 24/7 for a life time
  • good mother
  • organizer of family activities
  • I don't know about all you women (and men for that matter) think about this, but I think it's crap. I can already see myself in a couple of these roles (although I'm only 19) and probably will fill most of them at some point.

    But I don't want to. So why do I?

    How many fathers/husbands out there say "Honey, Billy's pyjamas are getting a bit too small, I'm just going to pop over to Wal-Mart and get him some new ones. Oh and I was thinking I might buy you some new boots too, when is your camping trip with the girls again"? Sure a few, but for the most part few men do anything like this. And why is it that men are the ones that go away on vacations with the guys (fishing, sport tournaments, etc) and women just stay home watching the kids?

    Sure this was more acceptable in the times of the man working and the woman staying home caring for the children, but now I'm supposed to do both? How's that fair?

    I HATE watching television commercials. They're terrible. One I recently saw for Pilsbury had a mother preparing 3 different meals for her family because they all come home at a different time. And she didn't join in any of them. And the voice-over was her, in a joking tone saying something to the effect of "Gosh darn, they're not all home at the same time but now I cook as many rolls as I need. 2 or 10." So her family doesn't even let her know what time they'll be home. She just cooks a meal for them when they show up. Her life is on hold waiting for them.

    Women get the lesser recognized and appreciated household tasks and it sucks. We're the ones that worry about Billy's pyjamas, and if theres enough bread to make sandwiches for the kids lunches, and whether they washed behind their ears. (In general of course.)

    I don't want to be like this. I deserve an equal role. My future husband is going to have ask me what I'd like at the grocery store next time he goes. Because I refuse to do it. I will not play a lesser role based on my sex. I want to be a mother someday, but I never want to be a servant.

    I refuse to accept the role society would like to cram me into. And I refuse to buy the products of the companies who's commercials endorse these roles. How long I will actually stick to this boycott, I don't know. All I know is that right now it pisses me off, and I will not become what I know would cause me to resent having a family.

    End of rant.

    /sigh That felt good. I needed that.

    In other news, Deimios is away and I miss him.