Usually I don't like mondays. Today is an exception.

I got 100% on my chemistry midterm.

That's right. 100%. First year chem, in University. And I'm glad because I studied my butt off.

So now, if the desire to do so strikes you, you may call me the Queen of (1st year) Chemistry.

Ok, I'm done bragging.
I also got 2 other marks back, a 70, and a 79. And on the one I got 79 on, I forgot to answer a question. Arg, that bugs me. I'm such a goof sometimes.

I feel ok now. I'm not completely clueless, I'm fitting in ok. I can now breathe a sigh of relief. But only a brief one as I have two term papers due this month, one at the beginning of December, and midterms mid December.

Can you believe Christmas is less than two months away? I can't. CRAP. I have to start shopping. I love giving presents, which always seems to get me into trouble. I spend TOO much. And I'm still living at home so we give one gift from all of us (which my mom buys) to less close relatives. So I really shouldn't spend so much.

Tonight the Northern Lights were (barely) visible from where I live. I've never seen them before, but on TV they look very spactacular. This was just some pinkish clouds in the northern sky. Either way it was neato.

I want to see the Northern Lights in their full glory one day. And I want to see the ocean, better yet swim in it. (No, I've never seen it, not even from a plane.) I'd also like to one day go to each continent (except Antarctica, unless of course some sort of hotel gets set up there.) It'd be nice to say I've done those things, and have those memories and experiences.