I have to take the bus to school everyday, and it's really quite annoying. Usually I have to wait about 5-10 minutes at my stop before my bus comes.

There are some very weird things I've noticed at my bus stop:

Beside the bus stop is a very seedy appartment "building". (More of a place that happens to have some people living within). On the door some fairly uneducated person has written a letter about not slamming the door, and uses the words mean well instead of meanwhile and such. Really quite a hole. The people that come out of this place are poor, dirty and not all there. I always feel uncomfortable when they walk by.

On the garbage can beside the pole with the bus stop sign and a traffic light on it, someone placed a red sticker with white lettering reading "EATING ANIMALS", just below the door where you throw your trash in. I first noticed this about a week ago.

At night hookers use my stop to solict men. And they have solicited my boyfriend as he drives by, and even waved at him once while I was in the car! They are very low-rate hookers, and don't even dress up. An example of one outfit is pink high heels with overalls, hanging only on one shoulder, with a bra-top underneath. I assume they use the bus stop since people are expected to just be standing there... but the use it after the busses have stopped running.

This week another sticker has shown up. This time it's on the window of the used appliance store (also a hole) that the bus stop is directly in front of. This one is also red with white lettering and reads "FISHING". It is a bit harder to notice since it's above the Visa and Mastercard stickers for the store.

EATING ANIMALS and FISHING? I'm lost. I've seen the "carpe diem" stickers, and the "Jesus saves" flyers and they made some sense to me, although their placement always confuses me. These are just weird.
If you happen to know what this is all about I'd be interested in hearing.

God I wish I could drive and that it was cheaper than the bus. There are so many weirdos on public transportation. Sometimes I'm afraid that the people getting off at my stop are getting off to follow me. I never used to be... I guess I was a little careless with myself then. Yeesh.

EEK! Christmas is like a month away! And my birthday is like 2 weeks away. I'm going to be 20. No more blaming foolishness on being a teen. CRAP.