Today I had a small internal conflict.
I work in a small office-type building, where you see the people from the other companies pretty often, and smile and nod, or say hi quietly.
The man who keeps things looking nice around the building is Len. He's a bit eccentric, and his eyes bulge. He also has an accent I haven't quiet placed yet. Somewhere Mediterranean. Len is always poking around, doing a few things at once.

So he was spackling the walls to be repainted in the hallway, as well as refilling a vending machine and flushing all the toilets in the women's washroom and testing all the taps. (I find this extremely weird. He always pokes his head in before he enters and says "Hello... Maintenance.")
Between the hallway, the bathroom and near the vending machine is a small table with some chairs where people eat lunch.

So I'm eating lunch, my co-workers have already returned to work, and nobody is around. Except Len. And he's currently flushing. The vending machine door has been left open, with its wide variety of snack treats calling out to me. I cannot see them due to the glare on the plexi-glass door, but I know what's there. Ms. Vicki's chips, Bounty chocolate bars, Excel gum, Swedish Berries, and so much more.

So I glance around, and it seems pretty quiet.
The candy is very tempting. But this is my workplace. What if someone where to see me? Would that young-ish lab-tech from a few doors down say "sweet, pass me the Doritos"? What if Len comes out and tells the property manager. I could be in trouble. She could tell my bosses. They can fire me.

I can't get a job with this pay anywhere else. But nobody's around. And Len left the door OBVIOUSLY open. He's asking for trouble. I'm sure he's punked a few chocolate bars and bags of chips while re-filling. I *could* just be closing the door.....
Besides, when we first moved into this building, someone stole a nice chair from us. We didn't deserve that. We treat this building with respect. *I* treat this building with respect. I deserve a reward.

The elevator, located directly across from the vending machines is here.

So I stay in my seat.

And look at my bagel with cream cheese.
Not even cheesy flavored.
Not even sweet.
Not calling out to me.

So what if the elevator hadn't come?
Well, I'd probably have stayed seated anyhow.
I guess I just made it into an internal conflict to make my self feel better about the fact that I only long to be a bad-girl.

And Len would probably have found the bad-girl inside me to be too sexy to handle. I don't think Len gets out much.