Today's Lesson:

No knife needed for toothbrushing.

I had a nap this evening. I suppose I was quite tired becuase after an hour the alarm went off and i was still very tired. I laid in bed for another half hour. Then I kind of rolled and stumbled out.
If I had slept any longer I'd be a wreck. My sleeping schedule would be all over the place.

So I got up. I felt pretty groggy.
So I went to the bathroom to wake my self up.

I splashed cold water on my face.
No reaction.
I peed.
No reaction.

So maybe brushing my teeth would perk me up. Mint sounds refreshing.
So I reached over and picked up the toothpaste.
I opened the cap and looked at the tube.
Then I looked over at my toothbrush.

"How do I get the toothpaste from the tube onto the brush?" I thought, "Can I spread it on with a knife?"

-- At this point I did not have my glasses on, and I am very near sighted. --

I glanced in the drawer but no knives were there.
I looked to the tube for help. But it had gone all blury.
I groaned.
"I really want to be fresh and awake."

As I groaned I squeezed the tube slightly.
It all came back to me.
Just sqeeze it on there.

So I brushed my teeth. But the water in the tap was HOT. Not refreshing at all.
I tried slapping myself in the face.
That didn't work either.

It's an ongoing project.