Today I stayed home. I felt kinda sick, and was really tired, so decided to just not go to work. So I slept, then I got up, and did a whole lot of nothing.
I didn't even node.
I played Quake 3 and read and ate.
And I did some thinking. Nothing to serious, or upsetting, just thinking.

And I've come to the decision that getting older is a wonderful and terrible thing.

Every now and then you get some new responsibility, some nice, some a little to hefty. These make you feel more adult, grown up, and possibly independant. But then something goes wrong. ACK! The phone company didn't receive my payment! Now I have to go spend half an hour on hold, then off to the bank... blah blah blah. No fun.

But I really like having my phone. Is it worth it? I guess so. I get lots of calls I really appreciate getting, and I would feel so odd with out one. But the hassle.

Then life throws fun realizations at you, some serious and upsetting, some revealing and comforting. Some annoying, like no matter how hard you try you cannot get a male to leave the room to fart (not all the time anyhow). Which is really very frustrating. The toilet seat I've come to accept, but farting while we're sitting close and watching TV makes me angry. So now I do it back. (Does this make me disgusting and reduce my feminity?... Who knows.)

Well I've been thinking of camping, and now I'm going.
Next week... for 2 nights, I'm going to abandon my phone and the need to leave when farting (free-range farting outdoors). I'm going to stop channel surfing and getting angry at the amount of ads I'm paying to watch. I'm just going to go and enjoy being outside, in beautiful scenery, with someone I love and swim in the lake, and eat yummy BBQ everything.

Then I realized that I didn't ask for time off.
OH CRAP. Well, I guess I'll be TELLING the boss, and not asking. But while I'm camping I promise that I won't think about work and phones and farts and all that junk. Not too much anyhow.