Yesterday was an amazing day.

The Canadians won the Men's Hockey Gold medal. Canada Kicks Ass.

Hockey is important to so many Canadians, who see it as part of their identity as a Canadian. So what happens when the gold is won? We go nuts.

I live 9 blocks from where the party was, and I could hear it with my bedroom window cracked open. I knew I had to get my butt down there.

I'm not sure exactly what happenned in bigger cities, but one can assume it was much crazier. In my city, London, Ontario, with only about 330,000 people, people went downtown with all the flags, red and white clothing and hockey apparel they could muster. People in cars honked, hung out the windows, trunk, sun rooves, and even stood on the rooves of their cars. Everyone was happy, all yelling "whooo!" (including me) as they saw the other happy, proud Canadians. People high-fived eachother. Even ambulances joined in and added some of their funkier sirens (not used regularily) to the mix.

I think we only walked around downtown for about and hour and a half, but it was the most sober fun I've had in a while.

Then again, I will use any excuse to go join a crowd of equally excited people to be loud and proud.

The flags will go away for now and wait for Canada Day.