Okay, so imagine that there are two squaws, each of them with their respective sons. There is a third squaw, Sohcahtoa, without a son. Each is sitting on an animal hide.

The son of the squaw on the deer hide weighs 130lbs. The son of the squaw on the elk hide weighs 120lbs. Sohcahtoa, sitting on a hippopotamus hide, weighs 250lbs.

So the squaw on the hippopotamus is equal to the sons of the squaws on the other two hides.

There you go. The Pythagorean theorem, done with Sohcahtoa.

PS: I always learned it "Oscar Had A Heap Of Apples, Sam Carried Them." The decoding is the same, but in a more nonsensical order. The first two letters (O and H) match the S in "Sam", for Sine = Opposite over Hypotenuse.

Source is my faulty memory of my 9th grade geometry book.