"What you're looking at could be the ending of a particularly terrifying nightmare. It isn't... it's the beginning!"

This classic Twilight Zone episode has had a number of homages made to it. In particular, The Simpsons did a spoof of this in one of their Halloween Specials. In the segment Bart Simpson is trying to convince the people on his school bus that there is a gremlin tearing apart the bus.

Pop Will Eat Itself did a song by the same name that used samples from the Twilight Zone episode, along with samples from the movie Aliens:"Attention, Emergency!", the movie Total Recall: "Fasten your seatbelts! Hope you enjoyed the ride!", and a pornographic anime called Jungle Burger:"If I ever get my hands on the fucking son of a bitch who built that fucking plane, I'll rip his god damned fucking face off."

The song is more about a general fear of flying, however, than about gremlins.