A disabled person made my day, today.

I was outside my apartment, getting something from my car, and an older man in a wheelchair rolled by in the parking lot. He's a resident at this apartment complex, too.

"How's it going?" I asked.
"Good, and you?"

Now why did I stop there? For the last two weeks my life has become more and more stressful, I've picked up the feeling that I'm doomed, for various reasons as I push to graduate after five years of college. I'm making ends meet, trying to pass my classes, put up with the slow bureaucracy of the school, and their "we're not responsible for losing your paperwork" attitude towards me.... and so many little little things that hit me at once, making me want to cry....

...and this older man, buzzing around in his wheelchair, the only visible functions left in him are talking, writing with one hand, the other on the joystick to his chair.... Is doing good.

And so with that, in consideration that my life is only in shambles so far as I perceive it to be.... I guess I'm doing good, too.