Ah, yes, plastic googley eyes.. i remember them well.

Some of the muppets had googley eyes, except they didn't have the kind you bought for arts and crafts-- their definition of "googley eyes" was that the ping pong ball eyes (which all muppets have) were somehow set up so they could swivel freely. Cookie Monster had this kind of eyes, and whenever he moved his head his pupils would just swivel like crazy all over the place.

There were actually a couple times on Sesame Street where they actually actively acknowledged this and used the words "googley eyes" on the air. Like there was one time i remember where one of the adults was trying to convince one of the muppets that Everyone is Special, and so the adult was talking about how all the muppets were DIfferent and Special, and one of the examples given were that some of the monsters had googley eyes and some didn't. Or something. It's all a dull blur, but i'm certain they said the words "googley eyes".