An excellent chain of (at the time of this writing) four restaurants which is currently limited to Houston, TX, but which hopefully will someday spread beyond that.

Mission Burritos' claim to fame is their huge ass burritos, burritos of a scale so huge that they cease to be burritos and become something wholly other. Upon entering the restaurant you are shuffled into a long assembly line style line ala Subway Sandwiches where they start with a huge fourteen-inch flowered tortilla and proceed to dump in copious amounts of whatever combination of beans, rice, beef, chicken, mushrooms, sauteed onions, cheese, various kinds of salsa and God knows what else that you are willing to approve of, then fold it all over and hand it to you in a basket, a transcendental wad of pure condensed mexican-food-ness wider than your neck and twice again that long. (This is the regular size, of course; the "super", created by wrapping two of the tortillas together, is larger than the heads of some people i know, a fearsome sight to behold, and basically REQUIRES two people to eat (they cut it in half for you if you ask).)

Mission Burritos has a website at; The original franchise, which has the employees with the best taste in music but very little parking, is on West Alabama street by Kirby, and is worth a visit if you're ever in the city.

There is, to put it simply, no experience on earth quite like the indescribable juicy ecstasy of eating a Mission Burritos burrito, and the ONLY regret i have in leaving Houston for college is that i will more than likely never have that experience again.