Two suggestions:

  • If you have a turntable, you can always just hijack the rotation-- put the turntable at 0 rpm and then manually spin the record the wrong way. The problem with this is that you will very rarely be able to spin the record manually at a constant rate-- your clumsy human hands will waver, thus meaning you get this weird pitch-oscillation effect.
  • If you have a macintosh, open up the desired cd track in MoviePlayer, usually using drag&drop, and then hold down command and press the left arrow key. (Quicktime movies on any platform will play backward if you either hold down shift and double-click the video, or hold down metakey-left. Note that some more advanced sound codecs (such as mp3) refuse to play backward correctly, but you can convert them to more friendly formats.) The problem with this is you will have a short wait while it converts the cd audio internally into a format MoviePlayer understands.