Well, not a ghost, just invisible. Also note that you lose all your items carried by the person killed, including, weirdly enough, your cd player. So not only are you invisible, you don't get any more music while playing as that character, and anything you didn't have the presence of mind to pawn off on another character.

Be aware that Nintendo actually considered this "trick" to be a bug-- and eventually, they fixed it. So the technique Working Class Zero outlines above works only on the first couple batches worth of cartridges of Maniac Mansion manufactured. If your copy of the game happens to contain the later revision, the bug will be gone, the technique will not work, and being killed by Wierd Ed will actually result in, um, death.


Um, ok, looking now i discover that Working Class Zero actually does acknowledge the fact this didn't work in later copies in his writeup under Maniac Mansion.. you should go read it.
Maniac Mansion was a really cool game..