After months of pointless rainyness, Jack Frost has finally got his arse in gear and made me some snow :)

I was woken up at 7.15 by the following message arriving on my phone: "Sorry for texting you so early but its snowing, its snowing, its snowing!", as you may have guessed, me and my friends like snow. Although we live in a city thats 150 miles (give or take) north of Moscow, we only get snow a couple of weeks a year, so it is worth celebrating. Now it has stopped and the sky has cleared and everything looks sparkly.

Other than the snow, not a lot is going on worth writing about.

Oh yeah, Guy Fawkes night. Now, for all you Americans, this is a (as if any was needed) excuse to make a big fire, burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes and let off dangerous quantities of fireworks. I went up into the country and we let off a lot of fireworks. We found out lots of interesting facts, that a rocket stuck far enough into the ground will not take off and will explode on the ground. That a roman candle can be used as a fuse to let off 6 air bombs at the same time. That 5 Catherine wheels can be put on the same nail and run at the same time. Finally, that the other end of a sparkler is very, very hot.