I have got a cold, it is horrible. I always get one at the beginning of January and it does not go away until Hayfever season starts (the end of March, generally). The drug and tissue companies love me.

But life goes on, Christmas was good, the first time I have been able to get away from work and relax in over two years - running your own company is very very very very hard work. My last holiday was in my first year at University, 4 years ago so the two weeks over Christmas were a welcome break.

Now I am back at work, the snow has melted (except for the dirty black lumps where the snowploughs pushed the ice), and I am really rather ill. God I sound depressing.

Well, in order to prevent this from being a.n. other depressing daylog (something I vowed I would never write), here are some happy things that happened to me over Christmas:

  • I got given a new (well, new to me) camera and lots of lenses
  • I went on a random road trip to visit friends in the snow
  • I finally managed to find everyone christmas presents I was happy with, despite having very little money
  • I saw two awesome films, Lord of the Rings and Withnail and I
  • I completed Tony Hawk 3
As I said, I had a rather boring Christmas, but it was relaxing :)