I agree so much I cooled this, but...

Certain sports (oddly enough those where brute force is not at a premium) could mix men and women and not see a drop in the level of competition. Are you telling me female professional bowlers aren't as good as males (hell are you telling me some of them aren't male? sorry ;)? How about golfers?

Granted a good high school boys team could at this point beat a WNBA team, but, to take on the competition quality argument, why don't women's tennis players make what the men make? The women play a far better brand of tennis than the overpowered serve and volley crap that the men play. It's not just me either. Look at the TV ratings. Women draw as well to better than men. I'm not saying Martina Hingis could beat Andre Agassi. I'm simply saying I'd rather watch Hingis beat Anna Kournikova than watch Agassi beat Patrick Rafter.

Actually I'd rather watch Brandi Chastain strip, but that's another story.

Anyhoo, some sports should pay equally. Gymnastics and figure skating should pay women more.