According to the Red Book (which is now /blashpheme/ purple):

The compulsive creation of voodoo-doll representations of the subset of your user population that doesn't seem to understand that their persistent lack of planning doesn't constitute an emergency in your world.

As a sufferer of this syndrome I have been known to make lifelike effigies (sic?) of various lusers which I then perform odd computer related voodoo rituals on.

Alternately (and this is truly scary when I think about it), I'll back all of a users data up to a DAT, and then for no good reason destroy the tape. Usually I use it to teepee the tree behind the office. Sometime I pull out a bit of tape, drop the casing out the door, and then drive with my car window rolled up on the tape.

Yeah I shouldn't litter, but I also shouldn't prune the user population with a shotgun -- my other alternative;)